What are the Pros and Cons of Synthetic Undershirts?

Most people shy away from the synthetic shirts because there has been a widespread belief that only cotton and the other natural fibers are comfortable. In case you have been looking for a good quality shirt and dislike cotton for one reason or the other, here are some of the main reasons to consider the synthetic undershirts.

Easy to clean

Compared to the natural fibers, the synthetics are very easy to clean. They just need a little soaking in a water and soap solution, a little rubbing and then when you rinse, the shirt will be clean enough. Also, these fibers take less time to dry up after a wash because they are not good at keeping in moisture. Cotton and other natural fibers are not the wash and wear type.

Do not stain easily

Another great thing about the non-natural fibers is that they are not easily stained. This means that in case of an accident like wine spilling onto your clothes, you do not have to worry about a permanent stain on the innerwear. As a matter of fact, most are so easy to deal with that as soon as you run cold water tap over the stain, it will be gone.


It is common knowledge that the manmade fabrics are more affordable than things like silk, cotton and linen. This means that you can buy more of the synthetic ones for less and when they are old enough, you will not have to make a dent in your pocket when trying to replace them. Note that the fact that they are affordable doesn’t mean they are cheaply or carelessly made. Most of these shirts have a blended in percentage of cotton which makes them better at absorbing sweat and keeping you comfortable.

Variety of colors and styles

There are 3 main styles that these inner shirts come in:

  • The V-neck: these are the ones whose top is finished off with a V-neck design. They are ideal for people that like wearing their dress shirt with the collar open or turned down. They also provide good pit protection.
  • The tank top: This is one that is finished with a straight neckline. The neckline comes all the way up to the collarbone and covers it. They are ideal for people that have chest hair and would like to cover it.
  • The crew neck: This is an even all round-round necked vest. It is great because it ends just below the collarbone. It is ideal for people that like wearing their dress shirt with a tie.

The synthetic undershirts come in a variety of colors, ranging from black, dark grey, light grey to white and many other colors. They are ideal for all occasions. You just need to choose the best undershirt  that suits your occasion and go for it.

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